Fitzpatrick, Leinroth, Christensen, McGoldrick and Klein dive high at international meet

Five Darien divers soared at the 2009 Wendy Wyland International Diving meet in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last weekend.
The meet was hosted at the Hall of Fame pool by Dave Burgering, the eight-time Olympic coach including 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic games.
Eleven-year-old Elizabeth Fitzpatrick swept the 1-meter events winning first place in both the 12-13 and 14-15 age groups with scores of 263 and 265 points, respectively. She came in second on 3-meter in both 12-13 and 14-15 age groups with scores of 264 and 290.
Fitzpatrick was awarded the meet high point award for girls.
Eleven-year-old Lee Christensen snapped up two bronze medals in 12-13 1-meter and 3-meter events with a strong showing of 201 and 188 points respectively.
He came in second to Mexico on platform with 204 points.
Jackson McGoldrick and Molly Klein were strong in their first international meet.
McGoldrick was fifth in the 12-13 age group 1-meter (169 points) and fourth on 3-meter in the 12-13 age group (180 points).
Klein was fourth on the 1-meter 14-15 age group (193 points) and fifth on 3-meter 14-15 age group (207 points).
Alex Leinroth proved to be a consistent leader for the Whirlwind Diving Team with outstanding results across the board in the extremely competitive 16-18 year old group.
Leinroth brought home the Bronze medal for Platform (301 points), was fifth on 3- meter (328 points) and sixth on 1-meter (305 points).
All five Darien divers train with the New Canaan YMCA Whirlwind Diving Team. Whirlwind Diving will host their annual “Whirlwind Winter Weekend” meet at the New Canaan YMCA on February 6-8.