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Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan

Get Well. dpt_logoStay Well.

I played football and baseball in high school and college. When I got dinged up, I went to see a physical therapist. That was to get well. When I was healthy, I worked out at a gym and bought into a nutrition program. That was to stay well. Get well, stay well, the two are bound together. It made no sense to me that physical therapy and striving for fitness were in any fundamental way separate.
When I decided to make health and fitness my life work I vowed that someday I’d bring together all elements leading to a healthy life, offering an integrated range of services based on the specific needs of individuals ranging from athletes to patients requiring physical therapy – all with the goal of helping clients become the best that they can be – fit, healthy, happy.
It took awhile, but in 1993 I bought Darien Physical Therapy, and today we’re proud to offer Darien, Stamford and all of Fairfield County a range of programs dedicated to helping clients of all ages achieve a fit life:

  • physical therapy, featuring an outstanding, highly trained staff dedicated to their patients
  • nutrition programs that help clients eat right and lose weight
  • sports programs to help golfers and other athletes – professional or weekend warriors – enhance their balance and improve their skills

Get well, stay well is the principle that drives us. Work with us to make that the principle that drives you too. Together, we can help you achieve goals you thought impossible.

Michael Morgan, President

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